Seven year old logic

My recent conversation with my seven year old daughter, Jasmine:

Me: “I think you’d really like to go camping with me.”

Jasmine: “No Mommy! I’m scared of the bears!”

“Bears? What bears? There are a few in the woods, but they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.”

“But I’m so scared that a bear is going to eat me.”

“Bears don’t eat people dear. They might attack if they feel scared, but they won’t eat you. You just have to be careful and not leave any food out.”

“Mommy can we do something else? I’m so scared.”

Sigh. “Well I’m tired of the Adventuredome and I really like camping. Hey could you go camping in Thailand?”

Jasmine: “Are there any bears in Thailand?”

Me: “No I don’t think so. But there are monkeys, and elephants, and tigers.”

“Well if you camp in certain parts of Thailand, a tiger could eat you.”

“Cool! That sounds like so much fun Mommy!”

Me: “Wait a minute. Did you just say that it would be cool if a tiger ate you?”

“I just want to see a real tiger!”

Uhmmm…no comment… 



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