Out of the mouthes of babes

My video Skype conversation with Jasmine today included the following exchange as Eliza waas smiling into the camera:

Jasmine: “Oh look at you! You’re such a cute little monkey baby!”

Me. “Why did you call your sister a monkey?”

“Because she’s so cute! And she looks like a monkey when she smiles like that!”

I had to pause a minute. “Well she does look a little like a monkey.”

“Mommy do I look like a monkey?”

“A little bit, dear. But not as much as Eliza. See she has a round face like her father. And big ears. And a little nose. You look more like me.”

“Well what animal do I look like?”

I had to think. “Well you have a big nose like me. And a longer face and big eyes.So I’d say we look more like…”

“Horses.” Jasmine finished for me. “I think we look like horses.”

I had to laugh. “Yes. Horses it is then.”


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