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The Smoking Gun Part 2

The news cycle has mostly turned to the Ukraine conflict, but as always I ask if that is a distraction. The Covid narrative and the safe and effective conjabs are not holding up. Quietly they would like to sweep this whole mess under the rug and set up a new play on stage. I’m still waiting for the 55,000 pages of Pfizer data to be released on March 1. 

My simple analysis is that these conjabs are the most deadly so called vaccines in history, very likely ineffective and probably counterproductive. There’s an incoming train wreck coming from so many angles. I want the EUA rescinded and those in charge prosecuted. But how do you go about that? Gross negligence is allowed in the so called emergency, giving vaccine manufacturers a fig leaf cover, things were rushed and corners were cut because of the pandemic blah blah blah, but does it cover outright fraud? Here’s the angles I’ve seen covered:

  1. Pfizer clinical trial fraud: the whistleblower. A lawsuit is making its way through the courts from a woman who worked at two clinical trial sites. She documented multiple unsafe trial practices, including vials not being stored at proper temperatures, used needles being left in the open, untrained staff, falsified records, and lack of follow-up on suspected adverse events. A write up was done here a few days ago.
  2. Clinical trial fraud part 2: An interesting analysis was given by an unnamed biomedical researcher who read through Pfizer’s initial EUA report as reported on the Naked Emperor’s substack. I found this statement particularly troubling: “The first real red flag can be found in Table 2, page 18. There were 311 cases excluded for protocol deviations. only 60 placebos were excluded. Five times as many cases had been excluded. Those two numbers should have been the same. Why were five times as many cases excluded as controls for protocol deviation? I recall thinking at the time ‘What was the protocol deviation? Did they die?” If trial participants in the vaccine arm were excluded because they died, didn’t answer the phone, or perhaps were unwilling to take the second dose due to an extreme adverse reaction to the first, then the safety of the jabs even in their own trials, which already had a higher death rate in the vaccine arm, could be skewed unacceptably high. Pfizer could literally be hiding the bodies by throwing the dead and injured out of the statistical analysis. Merck was accused of doing just that during Gardasil vaccine trials in India. 
  3. I have a related theory regarding the FDAs decision to not approve the Pfizer jab for the 6 month to 4 year age cohort until data on boosters can be accessed. I read that Pfizer was the one who withdrew the application, which I believe would keep all of the trial data out of the public eye. The toddler trial was undoubtedly very small just to keep rare adverse events from happening. But what if there was a death or two in the vaccine arm? The parents or concerned relatives would likely scream bloody murder if you tried to hide their child’s body in this way. If the released data shows no deaths in the vaccine arm but you know that your child who was in the trial died shortly after the jab, wouldn’t you go public with this? That could expose the blatant fraud in the trials. What do you think?
  4. Moving on from potential trial fraud, there is a theory that part of the genetic sequence of Moderna’s vaccine was actually patented in 2018. Igor Chudov on substack has been covering this most extensively. It is possible that this was due to working with related sequence pairs, but this sequence is for cancer encoding. Could there be a benign or accidental reason for this being there?
  5. The bad batch or hot lot theory has been covered by me before. This one has been championed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team and has the broadest chance of showing not just gross negligence, not just outright fraud, but pure crimes against humanity. In short an intentional dilution of most batches to be relatively benign while others (estimated at 1 in 200 doses) are extremely dangerous and deadly would constitute an experiment within an experiment with unknown nefarious purposes. Vaccine vials would need to be seized and independently analyzed as criminal evidence. A lot of people have chipped away at the bad batch theory from many angles, from high level statistical analysis to digging through legal contracts with Pfizer. The odds of adverse events and deaths being so disparately linked to some batches but not others is virtually impossible by chance alone. But could it be differences in manufacturing or storage?
  6. I think what might actually break through the wall is the drops in the bucket theory. In water parks I have been to with my children there is almost always a play area with a gigantic swinging bucket overhead which is slowly being filled with water. When the bucket reaches a critical mass it tips over, showering all of the kids below with water. With these conjabs we are all drops in that bucket. Almost everybody I know, myself included, knows at least one person whose death occurred a short time after getting a Covid jab, even though the death was almost never attributed to the vaccine. Even more people are coming forward about their own or family member’s vaccine injuries. Many have been discarded by the medical care system that they put so much faith in and are told it’s all in their head. They desperately need sympathy, compassion and answers, which opens up to questions. What are the mechanisms of harm in these products and how do you treat it? Why are some seemingly unaffected while others are devastated? Are there outside factors such as 5G deployment that might be interacting with the jabs in some way? Are the vaxxed shedding to the unjabbed, to what degree and under what circumstances? This is just a short list. Humanity needs to come together for humanities sake.

Do you think any of these avenues will be successful in stopping these jabs? As per Alex Berenson Covid vaccine demand is dropping off a cliff. Most have drawn their line in the sand. My feeling is that those who got the loot in this heist want it to go away for now, with all of their narrative intact for next time they want to roll it out. Let’s not let that happen…

Can You Find the Smoking Gun?

People watching the Covid jab rollout around the world with a critical eye know that the vaccine makers are immune from prosecution for any injury or death that results from the uptake of their products. Although the US FDA supposedly fully approved the Pfizer Biontech jab marketed as Comirnaty, this was a bait and switch done mostly to compel jabs on US Service Members. No Comirnaty vaccine is available. Attempts to get Pfizer approved for children likewise may represent an attempt to get the shots on the children’s vaccine schedule, which enjoys its own liability protection.

I don’t think the EUA liability shield is anywhere near as bulletproof as it is made out to be. These companies are established corporate felons with track records of pushing dangerous products on consumers. They play statistical games and intentionally don’t do research if it might reveal something they don’t want to see. The CDC plays along, claiming that every death after a Covid jab is not associated, no matter how healthy the person was prior and how quickly afterwards they died. Autopsies are rarely done, and even if they are, it’s not like you find a note inside the body that says “the vaccine did it!” There needs to be a plausible mechanism of action.

The vaccine makers liability shield goes away if criminal negligence (i.e. they had concerning red flags in trials that were intentionally buried) or criminal malfeasance can be shown. That brings me back to the bad batch issue with the Covid jabs.

An article by the Expose in November claimed that only 5% of Covid jab lots were responsible for 100% of reported VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) deaths. These bad batches were evenly distributed across all 50 US states and among all three major US vaccine makers. The odds of this happening by chance alone was near impossible. I wanted to examine this. First off, what could be causing this massive discrepancy? I will offer four theories.

  1. The first is that this is a statistical relic of Simpson’s paradox, which might exonerate the vaccine makers if true. Pfizer has intentionally hidden the denominator (i.e. the total number of doses administered, not shipped but actual jabs in people’s arms) to make statistical analysis of adverse events difficult. The number of doses per lot that actually end up in people’s arms could vary greatly, making the supermegadose lot look more dangerous through a simple law of numbers. As an example of this let’s imagine that the “safe” lot was actually comprised of 500 vaccine doses, sent to a smattering of rural hospitals with expected low uptake. The MAGA folks out in Hicksville don’t trust the jab, so only 90 doses from this lot end up in people’s arms. Nothing real bad happens to this small group, so nothing gets reported to VAERS. Meanwhile, the “dangerous” lot has 100,000 doses in it and is flying off the shelves at some Dodgers blue drive up jab stadiums. All 100,000 doses are put in folk’s arms, 90 die of something later and are all dutifully reported to VAERS, and 1000 more report serious side effects which are also all dutifully reported. Nothing to see here folks! Or perhaps there is something to see, as the safety profile of this big group might still be unacceptable for really bad adverse reactions like death. But it still would mean there is no difference in the composition of doses, just in the sizes of lots.
  2. The second theory relates to VAERS over or underreporting. In this example Lot 1 and Lot 2 are the same size and distribution, but one lot is shipped close to some Anti-vaxxer U Memorial hospitals, while the other lot is shipped close to I Don’t Know Nothing hospitals. This would mean that VAERS might be underreported by the I Don’t Know Nothing Hospitals, making the side effect profile much much worse than it already is. So the media has argued instead that the Anti-vaxxer U hospitals are reporting every hangnail, stubbed toe and person hit by a bus as a vaccine adverse event. VAERS is easy to screen out for such a ridiculous assertion, but some hospitals or areas still might be reporting into it a lot more than others. 
  3. The third theory is that there might be differences in storage, shipping or manufacturing processes that cause some hot vaccine lots. Vaccine Impact reported the standard size of a vaccine lot as 6000 doses, so in this example we assume standard size and distribution. The hot lot issue would show negligence on the vaccine makers part and should be investigated in detail to determine what causes some batches to be so dangerous. They would have plausible deniability however, and could scapegoat a few manufacturing sites or logistics companies. Does it show criminal intent? Probably not.
  4. The fourth theory is the payload on criminal behavior. Let’s assume that there were some Nazi eugenicist types out to run expiriments on the whole human population with the jabs. What would these mad scientists do? They would probably make a lot of batches pretty harmless (so not everyone drops dead in the streets right away) and then they would rejigger a small percentage of vaccine lots with all kinds of crazy stuff to run their real experiments (probably something to do with merging with AI, or mining cryptocurrency with electrical impulses in the human body like that 0606060606 patent I read about) Most of this mad science would be tracked by AI and very very few people would know what was actually going on. Would this prove criminal intent? Absolutely!

To overcome Simpson’s paradox we need to know the denominator, i.e. the size of doses administered and the size of vaccine lots. I don’t believe Pfizer would hide this information if it was favorable, but I don’t know of a way to find it out. Does anyone have suggestions?

Theory two is somewhat refuted by the VAERS data themselves. Even adverse events like car accidents that pro Vaxxers love to use to prove VAERS is useless can actually show the opposite, if the car accident was caused by a stroke, heart attack, blood clot or other vaccine adverse event (motor vehicle accidents are up 26% in the USA, incidentally). Due to the difficulty and time consuming nature of reporting into the VAERS system and the many accounts of side effects being not recorded, this dataset is almost certainly underreported everywhere. It’s just a matter of by how much.

Theory three is tricky because problems with cold storage would likely lead to ineffective doses, but not unsafe ones. I can’t imagine anyone making a personal risk calculation to get the vaccine if either theory three or four is true. It would literally be playing a game of Russian shot roulette and hoping you don’t encounter a loaded gun with each successive jab. If there’s a 5% chance that I experience a serious adverse event or death, that probably negates the 1% relative risk reduction of getting Covid which I have a 99.7% chance of surviving anyways. 

I favor theory four for a lot of reasons. It’s the only one that puts together insanely disparate real world anecdotes. Some vaxxed folks seem to be able to stick a magnet at the injection site and some claim that they have a WiFi signal being emitted from their body. Others adamantly deny this and “disprove” it with their vaxxed bodies. Some jabbed folks claim that they didn’t feel a thing and insist this means the shots are safe. Some of those same people take a second or booster shot and then have a huge problem. There are stories of couples who got jabbed the same day with one dead and one having a stroke. Some scientists have found graphene oxide and Hydra vulgaris in vials. Others ignore this. Pfizer still won’t list all of its ingredients.

None of the jabs seem to do a darned thing about getting Covid in any long run way. But this post is about safety, not effectiveness.

In order for the vax manufacturers to maintain total immunity from prosecution in the event of injury or death, they have to not be responsible for gross fraud or criminal negligence. I think there might be ways to chip away at this edifice, and the hot lot theory might be the most damning smoking gun. Any suggestions?

Explaining Bradford Hill Criteria and Covid Vaccines

There was a popular meme going around social media sites awhile back usually entitled “Correlation does not Equal Causation.” In the most common photography I saw, two seagulls are resting on a metal pole, with one pole bent down into a V shape in the exact spot where the seagull landed. The obvious conclusion one draws is that the seagull did not cause the pole to bend. Sometimes this meme was repeated with photos of cats on bent or mishappen roofs. It was usually posted by someone who was pro Covid vax, who was trying to explain away concerns about deaths or side effects after the jab.

It had me recently pondering how we do draw conclusions about cause and effect in natural datasets. Bradford-Hill criteria are used to support a probably causal association. I’m going to boil it down to six parts:

  1. Plausibility (there’s an explanation for how the observance and event could be related)
  2. Consistency (you see the same thing happening in multiple places)
  3. Temporality (the event happens shortly after the exposure)
  4. Strength (the event has many cases strongly correlated with the exposure)
  5. Specificity (the only thing that changed is the exposure)
  6. Change in risk factor (the event stops happening if the exposure is not there)

So let’s look at that meme again and explain it.

Observation: The seagull seems to be associated with a bent steel pole.

  1. Plausibility? No. There is no reasonable explanation for why a lightweight bird landing on a heavy duty steel pole would cause it to bend.
  2. Consistency? No. Consistency isn’t even shown in the picture, as there is another seagull on a pole that is not bent.
  3. Temporality? Not possible to tell from the picture, but unlikely. For that to be true the pole would have had to bend like that immediately or shortly after the seagull landed on it. If the pole was bent before the seagull landed, as was likely the case, then this is solidly refuted.
  4. Strength? No. We’d need a large dataset of seagulls on bent poles for this. A single picture anecdote doesn’t have it.
  5. Specificity? No. Lots of other things could have caused the pole to bend, such as rust, weather, or a large item such as a car hitting it.
  6. Change in risk factor? No. Would steel poles stop bending if seagulls just stopped landing on them?

Now let’s try using the same criteria for the Covid vaccines.

Observation: Covid vaccines seem to be associated with death and injury.

  1. Plausibility? Yes. There are many mechanisms by which a novel delivery of an untested, expirimental Gene therapy, rushed to market with lax safety protocols and no liability for the manufacturers, in part funded by organizations that want the world population reduced, might potentially kill or injure people.
  2. Consistency? Yes. There have been reports from all over the world, from people who have taken all of the major vaccine brands, of death and injury.
  3. Temporality? Yes. Many deaths are reported within a few days of the jab, with many being injured, reporting side effects or being hospitalized eventually leading to death within hours or even minutes of the shots.
  4. Strength? Yes. Now the CDC has done some fancy statistical manuvering so that there is never any power in the VAERS safety signal, but limited datasets with a known numerator and denominator have shown statistical significance. This is not to say that everyone who takes the jab gets seriously injured or dies. But even a 1 in 1000 chance is a pretty mass genocide against a disease with a very high survival rate in healthy people.
  5. Specificity? Most likely, but the hardest to prove. Adverse reactions to the vaccines can be blamed on Covid, long haul Covid, Post Pandemic Stress disorder and other things also around in 2020. Atheletes collapsing and dying has been blamed on all of those things plus climate change, dehydration, overexertion and other nonsense. But the only thing that changed specifically in 2021 is the rollout of the mass vaccine campaign. That’s very specific.
  6. Change in risk factor? Yes. It’s hard to say what health problems might pop up in the future possibly from the Covid vax even if the mass jab program were suspended worldwide immediately. But it is known that places that vaccinated less don’t have the same high level of Covid outbreaks. All cause mortality also remains very high in highly vaccinated countries.

Mostly I think the meme was just another excuse to shut down critical thinking skills…

My Father Died at home, Peacefully, in his Sleep

Now the year was 2014, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any conjob vaccine, but I thought I’d share the story nonetheless.

I was at my parent’s Las Vegas house at the time, having just moved back to the USA from Thailand after my first husband’s Visa finally went through. The original plan was for my husband to look for work and to move out, but only nine days in we weren’t there yet. It turned out God had different plans.

My father had longstanding health problems that he refused to accept medical help for. He’d had asthma since he was a child and had been diagnosed with COPD (he’d quit smoking 40 years before). Most of the time he slumped over a table for breath. His ankles were swollen, a sign of renal failure.

He’d been hospitalized before and was given oxygen tanks and medicine. He hated the experience so much he’d told me afterwards “I want to die in my bed.” You couldn’t force him and we’d given up trying to.

He’d told me two nights before “I can’t breathe.” He’d gasped this out. I asked if he wanted to go to the hospital. He slumped onto the couch. “No. I’ll be fine.”

That fateful morning my Mother came out of the bedroom. “Dad’s not waking up.” She told me after a time. I went in to check on him. His eyes were closed and he looked as he had before, which was admittedly in poor shape. I tried to check for a pulse but Dad was a bigger man and I couldn’t find one. “What should we do?” Mom asked worridly from the door.

“Call 911.” I said simply. I tried to work on my father as my husband and two daughters came in the room. I moved his head a bit and checked his neck for a pulse. He exhaled on me.

“Mom I think he’s alive!” I said excitedly. Mom relayed this information to the 911 operator. An ambulance was at our house in two minutes. They pushed me out of the bedroom as they worked on my father. Within a minute they called my Mom into the room to talk.

“Okay so we’re going to call the coroner now.” I overheard them say as shock filled me. My daughter had been asking about a birthday party we were supposed to attend. The EMS filed out as I stared at one in shock. “So my Dad is dead?” I asked her.

“I’m sorry honey.” She responded sweetly. “Your father died about 3 AM.” I wanted to know about the strange breath on me. “That was probably just built up oxygen.” She responded.

Now here’s the odd thing, relevant to this dystopian year. The police came to our house next. See back then if somebody died at home, they needed to see if there was foul play involved. Basically they were making sure that none of us had killed him.

We hadn’t. An Asian cop eyed my Thai husband. “Hey I need the code for a death in home no foul play. I haven’t had one of these in a long time.”

So in 2021 I’ve been inundated with accounts of someone “dying at home” or “dying peacefully” or “dying in their sleep.” These are all well and good, especially in the case of say a terminal cancer patient in home hospice, surrounded in the embrace of loving family. I can understand why my father didn’t want to go to the hospital. I still think he saw more clear than most.

But many of these obituaries don’t mention in any way a cause of death. They often don’t contain clues, even, like the once standard In leui of flowers, please donate to x charity (for research into the likely cause of death).

So the real question is why has my father’s once rare choice suddenly become so popular based on obituaries? And are the police still investigating looking for a potential murderer?

Things That I am Thankful For

Thank you God for my health and for my children’s well being. For the zerohedge commenter that said “show don’t tell,” meaning that I had far too much exposition, I thank you deeply.

I’ve published multiple books over a few years, all in nonfiction. I’ve had spectacularly little to show for this. My cookbook about jackfruit has sold about one copy. My sexcapade called The Secret Marriage did likewise. I’m a publisher for Factset still, even though most work is now delegated to “internal teams.” The last two calls I was on were for Nissan Motors and Pfizer in early November.

My job has no vax mandate. Thank God. We operate remotely, all over the world, so such a thing would be implausible technically. But I may well have repercussions for what I’m saying. It wouldn’t surprise me, if you know what I mean.

I have dealt with with months of basically zero readers of what I write. I love any feedback that I can get. On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for that. God bless your constructive criticism… I’m working on it…

Analysis: 100% of Reported Vaccine Deaths from 5% of Vaccine Lots This is what real investigative journalism looks like. I have to ask myself if I was a Dr. Mengele type of evil mad scientist secretly running the show and seeing the entirety of humanity as my lab rats, what would I do with this jab? Obviously I’d test a lot of different secret formulations of my junk, and track the lot numbers with AI. The people injecting would have no idea. Maybe some contain graphene, some try to plug into the Internet, some are pretty benign. It would explain a lot of out there phenomena like magnets sticking to some vax recipients (but not others) some claiming they have a WiFi signal, some dropping dead while others in denial insist they didn’t feel a thing (but still get Covid, since the benign shot is useless even if not dangerous). Of course I’d try to steer the safe shots to politicians, celebraties and athletes, while widely distributing the real experimental stuff to a broad population of normals. I doubt this would be foolproof though even if there was a team mass vax event, say, some early true believers would have jumped the line in March while holdouts might have thrown their hands up in disgust and scheduled at Walgreen’s in September. So there would still be athletes at the peak of fitness dropping dead of heart attacks. This smoking gun can’t be found until lots (according to Vaccine impact around 6000 estimated doses per lot) are independently examined. If this is true it means a real game of vaccine roulette, where informed consent is impossible…